May 12, 2013


Blessings Folk!

Today’s reading:

Matthew 13:44-46

Do we really comprehend the value of the Kingdom?

I think not.

Jesus gave a couple of parables speaking of worldly treasures.
Note how He says “the kingdom of heaven is like…”
Earthly pictures of superior spiritual realities.

The Kingdom is like a hidden treasure which, upon being found, is hid again until the person can purchase the land.

The Kingdom is like a merchant searching for fine pearls who, upon finding a pearl of great value, sells everything to procure it.

Note that the Kingdom will not be gained by subterfuge.
The Kingdom is accessed by a process.
Lie, deceit, obfuscation and the like are not a part of the Kingdom.

Are you of the Kingdom?
If so, you know it is by the Blood...