"Government Shut-Down"

April 8, 2011

“Government Shut-Down!”

Blessings Folk!

We need to pray without ceasing that the Lord will do a couple of things…

  • forgive us for the leadership that we have placed in office
  • raise up God-fearing and God-honoring people to lead

I’ve had some inquiries as to the reason that we are facing a “government shutdown” at the federal level.

The reason is very simple.

It was planned.

Yep, planned.

Last year, the Congress refused to present, much less pass, a budget.
They refused to even consider a budget for fiscal 2010-11.



Because of this we have had a series of “continuing resolutions”.
These extend what we are already doing for a period of time...then do it again, again...

Why did the Congress do this?


The previous Congress was controlled in both houses by the same political party.
They knew that they were to experience a downturn at the polls in November, 2010.

To lessen the damage at the polls, they decided not to reveal what the true nature of the budget would be with all the “new spending” that had been passed. The voters would have seen the projected budgets for 1, 5 and 10 years and reacted negatively.

They also knew that they were not alone in this deception and lack of job performance.
The media would not hold them accountable.
The media would play along, especially when the backside of the plan came into play.

That would occur when the new party in power would start leading in the new Congress.

Such has occurred.

Look at what is being said today...just the past couple of hours…

“War on Women”…

“...functional equivalent of bombing innocent civilians”

“...civil war fight”

“...extreme social agenda”

“...keep women from getting cancer screenings”

And my favorite….

GOP freshmen have come to Washington to “kill women”.

The only word that comes to mind is “sickening.”

Those who are spouting the vocal venom are the very ones that refused to exercise their fiduciary responsibilities in passing a 2010-11 budget.

...and the media is playing along.

The sticking point at the moment is that Republicans do not want to fund Planned Parenthood (the major abortion provider) in Washington, D.C. Do not forget that Congress has direct oversight over D.C. They are responsible for D.C.

Only in the perverted mind of the unbelieving can it be equated that refusal to kill babies is killing women.

So, sit back and enjoy the fear mongering.

Rest in peace that our hope, trust and faith is not in this world, but in the Lord and that yet to come.

Wait until they take up the 2011-12 budget… Happy
That will be a show...