March 4, 2013


Blessings Folk!

Today’s reading:

Matthew 6:16-18


Jesus is addressing the “showiness” of religious practices.

Such consumes the church today.

Think about it.
Seek the Lord.
He will reveal what is of man and what is of Him.

So much of what we currently do in the name of “worship” and “ministry”, often done in ignorance and innocence of intent, is nothing more than what we are seeing here.

Earlier we saw the warning about trumpeting prayers to be seen.
Now we see the same about fasting.

The Fasters were allowing their external appearance and maintenance to go by the wayside… a sign in their eyes that they were “suffering” for the sake of the fast.

Jesus cuts to the point.

They were desiring the adulation and attention of man.
They are hypocrites...that is what Jesus calls them.

Jesus says to not do such.

Again, do we seek the reward of man or the reward of God?