"Recline in Last Place..."

August 3, 2013

“Recline in Last Place…”

Blessings folk!

Today’s reading:

Matthew 23:13
Luke 14:7-14

Jesus is always an example for how we are to live.
He models the pattern of life.

We have a case in point here.

There was a gathering. A wedding feast?
Invited guests at a table.
A meal I assume.

Jesus noticed how people were jockeying to be seated in a place of honor.

Several things to note here.

  1. Jesus used day-to-day occurrences to speak the truths of the Kingdom.
  2. Jesus often used parables in these moments.
  3. In the Luke passage, Jesus taught on humility.

We are not to exalt ourselves.
We are to humble ourselves...not to be exalted.
We are to manifest true humility, trusting the Lord will exalt us in His time.
Oh that religious rulers would do this.
Recline, rest in the last place.

We are to reach out to those who cannot reciprocate.
To the poor.
To the cripple.
To the lame.
To the blind.
To those who have no means to repay.

We will be repaid.
At the resurrection of the righteous!
Forget this not.

So, walk in humility.
Host in love.