"Be Clean"

February 11, 2013

“Be Clean”

Blessing Folk!

Today’s reading:
Matthew 8:1-4
Mark 1:40-45
Luke 5:12-16

Jesus come down the mountain after a time of teaching - the “Sermon on the Mount”.

He is immediately confronted with a bold social outcast - a Leper.
The crowd was following Jesus, but I imagine that the crowd parted as the Leper proceeded toward the Lord. They wanted no part of the disease.

Note what the Leper does…
  • He boldly approaches Jesus.
  • He beseeches (asked for help) Jesus
  • He humbly bows before Jesus...in deference, in honor, in worship
  • He proclaims a powerful declaration of faith. “Lord” (he believed) “if you are willing, you can make me clean”
  • He believed unto healing.

Note what Jesus does…
- He felt compassion
  • He simply stated that He is willing. Be clean.
  • He sternly warns the Leper to tell no one, but rather to go show the priest, offer what was required by the Mosaic law.

Note what happened…
  • immediate healing
  • Leper did not remain quiet
    • he went out
    • he proclaimed freely
    • he spread the news to such a degree that Jesus could not publicly enter a city, He remained in unpopulated areas.
  • everyone was coming from everywhere...due to the proclamation of this one healed man.
  • Jesus did not allow all the accolades to impact Him. He often went to the wilderness to pray.

We see patterns for us.
Be humble and powerful in the Lord by spending time with the Lord. Pray.
Proclaim freely what the Lord has done for us.
Be willing.