January 10, 2013


Blessing Folk!

Today’s reading is from Matthew 2:13-21.


In this passage we see continued fulfillment of prophecy about the Lord Jesus.

Jewish leaders had struggled with these prophecies…
How would Messiah be “out of Egypt”?
How would be Messiah be from Bethlehem?
How would he called a Nazarene?

How could all these, plus many others, be fulfilled in one person?

I continue to be struck with the obedience of Joseph.
Four times he was instructed by an angel in a dream.
Most of us would give no heed to such.
Most Believers do not believe that God will speak in such a way.
He does.

So, “after they had gone”?
The Wise Men.

Joseph immediately packed up his family and headed to Egypt...either “that night” or “by night”. I suspect both.
This was not a small journey.
How did they have the resources to make the trip?
They had been living in the area for several months. Certainly Joseph had been working. Also, the gifts of the Wise Men would come in handy.

God directs.
God provides.
We are to be obedient.

An evil event occurs.
Most do not consider this when reflecting upon the birth narrative of the Lord.
We have just experienced a similar thing in the past holiday season. Evil murdered several children/adults.
A mass murder occurred here.
Herod killed all the boys aged two and younger in “Bethlehem and the surrounding regions”. The KJV says “coastlands”. This would have likely been several dozen young boys.

This was a governmental atrocity.
This was approved by the powers that be.
This was carried out by evil using inanimate objects.

I wonder if today’s Believers would allow/approve/endure/etc. such action because “we must submit to the powers that be”? (Do some research. Discover how many children are dying on a daily basis due to convenience. Also, how many are dying in the execution of a “war on a tactic”. Evil, foolish folly of man.)

Nothing is new.
Nothing changes.

A great cry came forth from Ramah.
Weeping for the children.
Comfort was not desired. They would not be comforted.

Did the Lord God know of this?
Of course.

Did it break His heart?
Of course.

The question is always asked “How could God allow such?”
His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.
His ways are beyond our comprehension.
Evil bears fruit.
The day of avenging is drawing near.

I do know this.
These boys that were killed by Herod are in the Presence of the Most High God.

The coming of Jesus in the flesh...the first time…is not as “cutesy” as often portrayed.

Remember this.
As the Lord fulfilled every prophetic point in His first coming, He will do likewise in His return.
We would do well to know what has been revealed about His return.
This is one reason why we are about to begin a study on the book of Daniel - online only. (You can participate via computer, tablet, smartphone, cell phone, land line)
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