“We Tried To Prevent Him…”

October 3, 2017

“We Tried To Prevent Him…”

Blessings folk!

The disciples response to Jesus’ telling them about children?

John changes the subject…or doubles down.

They were debating “which is the greater”.
Jesus had said “have the heart of a child”.

John now says…

Mar 9:38

John said to Him, “Teacher, we saw someone casting out demons in Your name,
and we tried to prevent him because he was not following us.”

Jesus was speaking to them about being “child-like” of heart.

John was revealing how they were childish in action.

Re-read the verse..with a “whiney” tone in your head.


But, do we not do likewise?

We are jealous over the move of the Lord among others.
We secretly covet.

Note what the disciples did.

They “saw”…then thought that something was wrong.
Rather than seeking the Lord.
They determined that someone casting out demons in “His” name was wrong.

Apparently the name of the Lord was being honored.
It appears the demon left.

They tried to “prevent”/stop him.
Not because he was not successful.
Not because it was wrong.
Rather, because “he was not following us” - he is not one of us!!

We do the same.

It appears they were not successful in stopping him.

Now they whined.
Were they not the special ones?
Were they not the called ones?
Were they not with Jesus day in and day out?

Yes, but, their hearts were being revealed.

They had tried to cast out the demon from the boy - unsuccessful.
Lack of faith.

They had tried to prevent the man from casting demons in Jesus name - unsuccessful.
Abundance of pride, hubris, arrogance, ignorance.

We need to hear and heed.