August 13, 2013


Blessings folk!

Today’s reading…

Luke 16:14-15

The Pharisees heard what Jesus said.
How did they respond?
They ridiculed Him.
They scoffed at Him.

“Pharisees” do the same today.
Yes. They may give lip-service to obedience to the Lord, but their actions are nothing but scoffing ridicule in their refusal to live as He instructs.

We learn something else about the Pharisees of old...and today.
The Word describes them as “lovers of money.”

Remember, Jesus had just told them that one cannot serve God and money.

This is what they were ridiculing.
This is what they were scoffing.

We like to thing we are not like that.
But, if one simply stands aside and observes, it becomes apparent that “lover of money” is deep within the professing church.

What/Who do you love?
Who/what do you serve?
Do you ridicule/scoff?